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A Brief Introduction to KnowACE Learning Strategy
Why We Bother Thomas Garrod is the senior instructional consultant at KnowACE. Learning effectiveness is especially important to all of us. We know learners feel stupid when they don't "get it," we know this condition is almost always the fault is with learning design. We care about their experience, so we design for a meaningful experience.

We appreciate effective organizations: they sustain us. We believe learning is a critical to effective organizational development. When we make a difference, we feel good about ourselves, and we like feeling that way. We strive for objectively measured return on investment (ROI), and we have a simple and efficient method for measuring training ROI.

Applied Learning Strategy The following pages discuss our application of common learning strategies. Examples are created with Flash, Captivate, or Storyline. They are developed for real needs, but often stripped of original graphics and simplified. We engage learners with useful information, efficient expression, and relevance.
Some KnowACE Learning Strategies
  • Chunking content to mitigate cognitive load.
  • Leveraging Prior Learning to accelerate learning
  • How-it-Works teaching for enhanced problem-solving
  • Elaborative Rehearsal for deeper learning and better retention
  • Social-constructivist learning models for better learning at a lower cost
  • Scaffolding for faster ramp-up for wide learning gaps
  • Metacognitive support for streamlined information processing
  • Scenarios lending relevance and context

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