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Learning Evaluation What is Learning Evaluation? This is a process applied to learning product to assess its effectiveness. Ultimately, it is a measure of effectiveness: it is accountability. In reality, it is just one more tool for learning design and development. Evaluation informs process. Unlike manufacturing, we can't submit our training to stress tests to see where it works. Beta testing does not address resolution assessment. Without real evaluation, programs cannot adjust. Without objective and valid measurement, the value of training is a matter of faith. Training budgets are usually cut during recessions.

The industry standard: Kirkpatrick's four levels Barriers to and Argument for Effective Evaluation There are two forces working against implementation: The first is a conviction of difficulty and cost; the second is a sense that evaluation is criticism.

All training is an educated guess - it will always need some adjustment. Evaluation informs adjustment; it also validates budgets; a program with evaluation will always deliver.

While evaluation can be expensive and difficult, it doesn't have to be. Nothing is more expensive than money paid with no return. If the training is truly essential, then it is equally essential that it be effective. It is a maxim that a product without QA has no quality. Training, it seems, proves this maxim.

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