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Consulting for Development Team Buy-In
KnowACE never imposes change, instead, we meet with the those who use process, "sell" the benefits of enhanced process, and with team approval (and resistance to change addressed) we ask their assistance. We assure the team that our mission is not cost-cutting at the expense of functional value, because effective training is always an investment. Instead, our goal is to engineer maximum reuse, so that the same learning components are copied, rather than designed new for every succeeding course. Initially, designers will fear a loss of creative license, we can assure them that templates and reusable objects simply save them from routine work and allows them to place more attention on the unique aspects of learning.

Overly elaborate and complex learning design is all too common. A fascination with technology and a desire to entertain learners can lead to increased cost and decreased benefit. Development tools like Articulate Storyline and Captivate often encourage this with templates designed to impress the untrained with easy to implement training assets. They are simple, in principle, but often time-consuming. We help clients identify the templates that work, customize them to their needs, and avoid impractical solutions.

A common misconception in design is that interaction with the interface is desired. Actually, interaction is a good thing only if the interaction is between learner and relevant concepts. Most drag-and drop, sequencing, and game components are more insulting to learners than instructive. Over-design is added expensive while undermining overall learning effectiveness.

Managed Outsourcing
Handing design and development to 3rd-party providers is often the optimal solution. The challenge is providing specifications that ensure return on investment. KnowACE offers best practice, templates, quality criteria, and guidelines for managing this. Where desired, we act as project managers, interacting with stakeholders, specifying design, and facilitating 3rd-party development. . When suppliers develop to your standards and your design, you'll pay less and get more.

See Learning Strategy for examples of KnowACE learning design.

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