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About KnowACE, LLC The KnowACE Mission We support organizational sustainability.
The KnowACE Values History and Origins KnowACE was founded by Thomas Garrod, with help from Robert Buchinski in 2012 after 15 and 20 years respectively managing learning projects for organizations, including Intel, Microsoft, Humana, IBM, AT&T and many smaller companies. Thomas spent an equal number of years owning and managing small business and consulting to retail business as a factory representative. KnowACE grew from a realization of two common under-met needs: learning program managers assigned on the basis of subject matter knowledge and small organizations growing out of one-on-one training while lacking economy of scale for full training departments.
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2398 West Beach Road
Oak Harbor WA 98233

360 679-4279

Global Reach KnowACE serves good people across the globe, with clients in Australia, Africa, India, and Europe. We meet most needs without being on-site, but where circumstances require, we are at your door.
Please send your comments and questions to: info@knowace.com
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